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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How to Make a bomb from household items

Acetone Peroxide
Acetone Peroxide is an explosive made with 2 easy to get ingredients. Be careful doing this because AP is a highly volatile and unpredictable.

Chemicals needed
Hydrogen Peroxide
Muriatic Acid (If you don't have this around go to a pool store)

Items needed
2 Glass Jars
Measuring cup
Old T shirt or rag

How to make it
1-First you wan't to Measure out 650mL of Acetone.
2-Now Measure out 1000 ml of Hydrogen peroxide.
3-Put both of these in a jar stir and mix them together well.
4-Put this mixture in your freezer for about 5 minutes.
5-Get your second jar and measure out 500 mL muriatic acid.
6-Cover the jar and put it in the freezer for an hour or 2.
7-Once you take it out mix this and the hydrogen peroxide/Acetone mixture together.
8-Put this new mixture in the freezer for 24 hours and you should see a white substance at the bottom of the jar. This is the AP.

Molotov Cocktail
The Molotov cocktail is an extremely easy to make incendiary device you can make at home.

What you need
1-Glass bottle
2-A rag
4-Motor oil
5-Styrofoam (Optional)

How to make it
1-Fill the glass bottle half way with gasoline.
2-Fill 25% of the bottle with Motor oil
3-If you have the Styrofoam you can add this to the mixture as a thickening agent. This will cause it to stick to whatever you threw it at and it will make it burn longer.
4-Tie a rag or other piece of cloth around the neck of the bottle.
5-Soak the rag in gasoline of kerosene and throw it.

Sparkler Bomb
Even though you may not have sparklers laying around they are easily found and dirt cheap. For this one all you need to do is a buy a lot of sparklers. The more you buy obviously the bigger the explosion will be.

Wrap the sparklers together tightly with electrical tape. As a fuse you can use another sparkler that is sticking out of the bomb. The more safe way is to just go and get some cannon fuse. Light this and it will blow up.

Pipe Bomb
Get a section of metal water pipe, about 1/2 inch around and 6 inches long.
Get two metal caps that are sized to fit that pipe. These are easily
acquired in most hardware stores.

Drill a hole, about 1/16 inch in diameter, in the center of the pipe this is where the fuse will go. Screw one of the caps onto the pipe. Then you want to run the fuse through the pipe. After that what you want to do is take the black powder or other explosive and fill the pipe with it. You can also add nails or other objects for extra shrapnel. Once you've done this put the other cap onto the end of the pipe and you're ready to go.

Works Bomb
The works bomb isn't really that lethal but it's extremely simple to make and can be fun. All you need is some tin foil and some works toilet cleaner. You will also need a bottle of some kind. Thicker bottles such as a Gatorade one will make a louder explosion. All you have to do is cut the foil into strips and put them in the bottle. Then add enough works cleaner equal to the foil. Shake it and throw it. It can take up to a minute to explode but when you see white smoke forming in the bottle you know it's working.

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  1. None of this explains HOW TO make a small pipe bomb, plasticizers, or RDX.